Downtown course
A bus route Schedule Fee Information
  • 01 Jeju International Airport
  • 02 Lotte City Hotel
  • 03 Wollang Village·Bestwestern Hotel
  • 04 Halla Arboretum
  • 05 Nohyeong 5-way Intersection
  • 06 Entrance of Maison Glad Hotel
  • 07 Sammu Park
  • 08 Jeju Bus Terminal
  • 09 Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum
  • 10 Sarabong Peak
  • 11 Jeju International CruiseTerminal
  • 12 Jeju Ferry Terminal
  • 13 Kim Man-duk Memorial Hall
  • 14 Dongmun Market·Tamna Square
  • 15 Gwandeokjeong Pavilion(north)
  • 16 Seomun Market(north)
  • 17 Jeju International Airport
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Halla Arboretum

Halla Arboretum serves as a place for education and research for students and professionals, with 1,100 species of plants planted and displayed, including Jeju's native species and subtropical plants.

Tourist attractions : Arboretum Theme Park, Nexon Computer Museum

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Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum

This is a museum where you can get in touch with the old living grounds and various cultures of Jeju. Exhibits related to Jeju's unique natural history are reproduced.

09:00~18:00(Closed on Mondays)
2,000KRW for adult / 1,000KRW for adolescent
Tourist attractions : Sinsan Park, Jeonnong-ro

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Sarabong Peak

The sight of the red sunset seen from Sarabong coloring the whole sea is called ‘Sabong Nakjo’, and it is one of the ‘Ten Views of Yeongju’ with outstanding scenery in Jeju. Sanji Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Korea.

Tourist attractions : Byeoldobong, Chilmeoridang Yeongdeunggut site

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Gwandeokjeong Pavilion

Gwandeokjeong Pavilion which is the treasure No. 322,was used as a training ground for soldiers during the Joseon Dynasty and is the oldest existing building in Jeju

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Dongmun Marke

It is Jeju's largest permanent traditional market with the longest history located in the original downtown of Jeju Island. Seasonal Jeju specialties can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Tourist attractions : Tamna Square, Sanjicheon, Jeju Holy Land, Dumengi Alley, Jungang-ro Underground Shopping Center, Chilseong-ro Shopping Street

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