Coastal course
A bus route Schedule Fee Information
  • 01 Jeju International Airport
  • 02 Yongdam Leports Park
  • 03 Eoyeong Park
  • 04 Dodubong Peak
  • 05 Iho Horse Lighthouse
  • 06 Jeju Folk Five-Day Market(south)
  • 07 Jeju International Airport
  • 07 Seomun Market(south)
  • 09 Gwandeokjeong Pavilion(south)
  • 10 Dongmun Market·Tamna Square
  • 11 Jeju International CruisTerminal
  • 12 Jeju Ferry Terminal
  • 13 Tap-dong Pureun Rest Area
  • 14 14 Ramada Plaza Hotel
  • 15 Yongyeon Suspension Bridge
  • 16 Jeju International Airport
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Route information

Dodubong Peak

It is one of the '31 hidden unexplored places in Jeju City' announced by Jeju City by selecting 31 representative places around tourist attractions. It is easy to climb because the slope is slow, and the scenery from the road and the summit is quite spectacular with the view of the sea

Tourist attractions : Rainbow Coastal Road

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Iho Horse Lighthouse

It passes through Olle Trail 17 and has Iho Tewoo Beach, which is the closest to Jeju city as well as Jeju International Airport. The beach is a good place for children to play because the slope of the white sand is slow and the waves are not strong. At night, the 'Twin Horse Lighthouse' is lit up to make the night more beautiful than the day.

Tourist attractions : Iho-Tewoo Beach

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Gwandeokjeong Pavilion

Gwandeokjeong Pavilion which is the treasure No. 322,was used as a training ground for soldiers during the Joseon Dynasty and is the oldest existing building in Jeju

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Dongmun Marke

It is Jeju's largest permanent traditional market with the longest history located in the original downtown of Jeju Island. Seasonal Jeju specialties can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Tourist attractions : Tamna Square, Sanjicheon, Jeju Holy Land, Dumengi Alley, Jungang-ro Underground Shopping Center, Chilseong-ro Shopping Street

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Yongyeon Suspension Bridge

It is famous for its beautiful night view, which is evaluated as one of the representative night walks in Jeju Island. The splendid five-colored lights of the bridge spanning Yongyeon and the lights embroidering the cliffs along both sides of Yongyeon harmonize together to create a fantastic scenery

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