Nighttime theme

A perfect spot for snapshots

IhoTewoo Lighthouse
Photo zone(20 min)

Here a pair of large wooden horses symbolize Jeju as an island of horses. The horses present a contrast between red and white, making for a fascinating image. Why not take a snapshot at the beautiful and romantic IhoTewoo Lighthouse.

An island head with a beautiful sunset

Dodubong Peak
Peak Night Spot Trekking(30 min)

With its beautiful view, it is one of the 31 hidden picturesque views in Jeju-si. The view from the hill summit is perfect at sunset with a romantic scenery. Enjoy the Jeju evening with glittering lights.

A romantic highway of Jeju-si

Eoyeong Coastal Road

Night-Time Picnic & Street Performance(30 min)

Eoyeong Coastal Road is an easy place to enjoy the South Sea around Jeju and includes plenty of Jeju’s typical rocky coastline. The sounds of the waves crashing against black basalt and the lighting of fishing boats brighten the night sea of Jeju even more.

A hidden picturesque view of Jeju-si Sanjicheon Stream

Watching Sanjicheon Stream Fountain Show(10 min)

In Sanjicheon Stream, next to Tamna Culture Square, a fountain show with a cool stream pouring is highlighted by exciting music. Thanks to the colorful lighting that changes frequently, the movement of the stream is more dynamic.

A Jeju kitchen Dongmum Traditional Market(night market)

Dongmun Traditional Night Market Experience(30 min)

Jeju Dongmum Traditional Night Market lights up Jeju's night and it is full of different kinds of local food. Dive into Jeju's local food, which welcomes you even late at night.

※ "Via" means passengers will not be let off at this location. This tour schedule (courses, time etc.) is subject to change due to the weather or traffic conditions.