• 01 Jeju International Airport
  • 02 Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal
  • 03 Jeju City Hall (Tamna Welfare Center for the Disabled)
  • 04 Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum (Samseonghyeol)
  • 05 Sarabong Peak(Sanjideungdae Lighthouse)
  • 06 Jeju International Ferry Terminal
  • 07 Jeju Domestic Ferry Terminal
  • 08 Commission agency site of Kim Man-duk
  • 09 Dongmun Traditional Market
  • 10 Gwandeokjeong Pavilion(JejuMokgwana - former Jeju Government Office)
  • 11 Tapdong Square(Jeju Beach Theater)
  • 12 Yongyeon Suspension Bridge (Yongduam Rock)
  • 13 Yonghaero
  • 14 Eoyeong Coastal Road
  • 15 Dodubong Peak
  • 16 IhoTewoo Beach
  • 17 Jeju Folk Five-Day Market
  • 18 Black Pork Restaurant Street
  • 19 Halla Arboretum
  • 20 NohyeongOgeori
  • 21 Entrance of Maison Glad Jeju
  • 22 Jewon Apartments
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1. Jeju International Airport

This gateway to Jeju is where your trip begins and ends;here, more than 300 domestic and international flights are operated a day. Convenient transportation is available through the express route connecting Seogwipo and Jeju’s east and west areas.

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2. Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal

Buses connect the various routes in the entire Jeju Island to Seogwipo, Seongsan, Hanlim, Gosan, etc.

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3. Jeju City Hall (Tamna Welfare Center for the Disabled)

As a street full of youthful freedom, romance, and personality, there are many cafes, small shops, fashion stores, clubs, and various restaurants.

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4. jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum (Samseonghyeol)

It is a museum where old houses and various cultures of Jeju can be experienced. Exhibits related to Jeju’s unique natural history are reproduced.

08:30 ~ 17:30 (November ~ March), 08:30~18:30 (April ~ October)
2,000KRW for adult / 1,000KRW for adolescent
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5. Sarabong Peak(Sanjideungdae Lighthouse)

It is one of the ten scenic spots in Jeju, called ‘Sabongnakjo,’ where the red glow seen from the peak of Sarabong colors the sea. It is one of the most beautifullighthouses in Korea.

Nearby attractions : Byeoldobong Peak, Sanjideungdae Lighthouse, shamanic ritual site of ChilmeoriShrine(ChilmeoridangYeongdeunggut)

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6. Jeju International Ferry Terminal

Jeju Island is the center of tour cruises in Northeast Asia. Many cruise tourists from China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe visitJeju.

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7. Jeju Domestic Ferry Terminal

It is the center of maritime transportation connected to the Korean Peninsula by various passenger ship routes to Busan, Mokpo, Wando, Yeosu, Nokdong, etc.

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8. Commission agency site of Kim Man-duk

It is a mini-folk village consisting of eight thatch-roofed houses. It is divided into a viewing hall and experience hall. It is possible to taste Jeju’s local foods, such as,seafood and green onion pancake (Haemul-pajeon), Rice Soup (Gukbap), Gulfweed Soup (Mom-guk), etc. at affordable prices.

Nearby attractions : Arario MuseumDongmun Motel 2, Kim Man-duk Memorial Hall, raw fish restaurants street at West Port (Seobudu)

11:00~22:00(Closed on Mondays)
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9. Dongmun Traditional Market

Dongmun Traditional Market is the oldest and has the longest history as a traditional market in the old downtownofJeju. Seasonal specialty products of Jeju are available at reasonable prices.

Nearby attractions : Jungang Underground Shopping Center, Chilseong-ro Shopping Street Sanjicheon Stream, Jejuseong Fortress site, Dumaengi Alley

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10. Gwandeokjeong Pavilion(JejuMokgwana - former Jeju Government Office)

The oldest building in Jejuis Treasure No. 322, Gwandeokjeong Pavilion, which was used as a training ground for military personnel in the Joseon Dynasty.

Nearby attractions : Gwandeokjeong Pavilion, JejuMokgwanasite (former Jeju Government Office), Seomun Market

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11. Tapdong Square(Jeju Beach Theater)

This is JejuIsland’s plaza in the center ofthe breakwater made by landfill. Areas for leisure activities, like bicycling, inline skating,etc., and amusement parks, fast-food restaurants, galleries, and cafes are available.

Nearby attractions : Jeju World 21 , Black Pork Restaurant Street Arario Museum, Tap-dong Cinema, Arario Tap-dong Bike Shop

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12. Yongyeon Suspension Bridge (Yongduam Rock)

It is famous for its beautiful view at night so that walking at night is recommended in Jeju Island. The brilliant autumnal colors of the bridge and the lights in the cliffs formed along the sides of the ridges form a fantastic landscape.

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13. Yonghaero

It belongs to OlleRoute 17, and visitors can appreciate the blue sea along the coastal road. Nearby, Yongduam,meaninghead of the dragon, is a rock formed by a volcanic eruption. According to legend,a dragon ascended the sky but was felledto the sea by an arrow of a Halla mountain spirit.

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14. Eoyeong Coastal Road

It is famous for its beautiful scenery along the coastal road whenthe sea turns red at sunset. At night, the light from the fishing boats floating on the shore and the pinwheel lights of the street lamps blend together,creating a magnificent view.

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15. Dodubong Peak

There are 31 landmarks inJeju Island and it is one of the 31 tourist attractions in Jeju City. It is easy to climb due to its gentle slope that provides a spectacular view of the sea from the summit of the hill.

Nearby attractions : Observatory at Dodubong Peak, Street of Memories (Chueok-ae Geori)

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16. IhoTewoo Beach

Passing the Olle Route 17, this beach is the closest beach to Jeju International Airport, as well as,downtown Jeju. The slope of the white sand is gentle and the waves are not big, so it is a good place for children to play. At night, the Twin Horse Lighthouse lights up to make the night more beautiful than the day.

Nearby attractions : Iho Horse-shaped Lighthouse

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17. Jeju Folk Five-Day Market

The Jeju Folk Five-Day Market is the oldest traditional market in Jeju Island and is a traditional place that preserves Jeju people’s life and history. It opens only six times a month, on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, and 27th of the month.

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18. Black Pork Restaurant Street

Since Jeju black pork is known for its excellent meat quality and taste, everyone, whether local residents or visitors,eat it. The restaurants specialize in cooking black pork using charcoal to roast the meat and provide the best quality Jeju black pork.

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19. Halla Arboretum(Arboretum Theme Park, Nexon Computer Museum)

The Halla Arboretum is home to more than 1,100 plants including native species of Jeju and subtropical plants. It serves as a place for education and research for students and professionals.

Nearby attractions : Arboretum Theme Park, Nexon Computer Museum

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20. NohyeongOgeori(five-way intersection)

It is a popular place for tourists because it has good accessibility to business hotels, movie theaters, hospitals, and large marts through the Nohyeong five-way intersection. There is also a neighborhood park nearby where many people visit.

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21. Entrance of Maison Glad Jeju(The Shilla Duty Free Shop)

It is a hotel with 40 years of history and traditional values. There are casinos and buffets in the hotel, and the surrounding area is the center of New Jeju Downtown. There are many shopping malls and duty free shops, foreign banks, and foreign exchange booths that foreign tourists like.

Nearby attractions : The Shilla Duty Free Shop Jeju

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22. Jewon Apartments

Baozen Street isa car-free street near Jewon Apartments. Since many Chinese tourists love to visit this street, it is called ‘China in Jeju.’ From this street, it is possible to enjoy shopping, dining, and the night entertainment.

Nearby attractions : Lotte Duty Free Jeju

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